Room Hire

To be of service to the community

Wellbeing Centre, Nantucket Suite and the Main Meeting Room

Three private, calm and peaceful spaces for hire

We welcome the use of our premises for activities, training sessions, consultations, or meetings which will be of benefit to the community and which are consistent with our testimonies.

The Wellbeing Centre is principally equipped for practitioners to see clients and has its own private entrance, waiting, kitchen area, and toilet.  The rooms have been recently refurbished. They adjoin the main Meeting House and the Nantucket Suite, which are also available for hire.

​The Nantucket Suite is equipped for groups of up to 25 people. It has small and large folding tables available and plenty of chairs. It has been used to teach yoga and to hold Zen meditation sessions, as well as for many other groups to meet. It has been designed to allow wheelchair access and has a toilet for the disabled. Wellbeing practitioners may wish to book the space in order to provide their services to wheelchair users. The suite has a kitchen area.

​The main Meeting Room is a good space for talks or presentations as it is equipped with plenty of seating and a hearing loop.

We have found that simultaneous hire of our self-contained spaces lends itself to mediation and conflict resolution.

​All three spaces can be used for individual or group meditation.

​Both the Wellbeing Centre and the Nantucket Suite have kitchen areas where hot drinks can be made, and food prepared. The Nantucket Suite has a microwave, hot water urn and a mini-cooker. The Wellbeing Centre has a mini fridge. Both have kettles.

​The Friends' Meeting House is conveniently close to the centre of town with its road and rail links. There is limited parking in the road outside, however, there are many spaces available close by in the Robert Street Car Park.

All enquiries about hiring the Wellbeing Centre, the Main Meeting Room, or the Nantucket Suit can be made to the Bookings Clerk on 07796 956279 or by our Contact Form.

Reinforcing our Commitment to Being of Service to the Community

The Wellbeing Centre is very private with its own discreet entrance separate from the Main Meeting House. It has a lobby, unisex toilet, kitchenette (with storage cupboards, kettle and mini-fridge) and waiting area, in addition to the consultation space. It has a space for activities. All spaces can be arranged to suite the user. It has been successfully used by a number of councillors, therapists and practitioners. In conjunction with our other spaces, it lends itself for mediation, because the disputants can be completely unaware of the presence of the other party. We allow hirers to display promotional material in the lobby and in one of our notice boards in the street by our gateway. Access is by code lock. The Centre is booked by the hour and available between 9.00am and 9.00 pm Monday to Saturday. We reserve it for Quaker use on Sundays.


The Nantucket Suite - named in honour of the founders of the Meeting - is an ideal space for group activities.

The Nantucket Suite is well equipped with seating and folding tables which can be arranged to suite the user. It has been used successfully to teach yoga as well as for meetings and training sessions by a number of organisations. In conjunction with our other spaces, it has been successfully used for mediation as the disputing parties can be completely unaware of the presence of the other party. It can accommodate up to 25 people. The suite includes a well equipped kitchen, disabled toilet, unisex toilet, and has full wheelchair access. It leads onto our extensive rear garden. Access is by a key kept in a wall mounted code locked key safe. It can be hired by the hour from 9.00am to 9.00pm Monday to Saturday. It is reserved for Quaker use on Sundays.

Main Meeting Room

The Main Meeting Room can accommodate up to fifty people and is equipped with a hearing loop. It retains its original Georgian features and Quakerly plainness. It is used each week on Sundays to hold our Quaker Meetings. It lends itself for presentations, lectures and talks. It can be hired by the hour between 9.00am and 9.00pm Monday to Friday. It is reserved for Quaker use on Sundays.